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About the game

Simone’s Burger Dash is a fast food simulation game where the player prepares, collects, and serves food to customers in a drive-in restaurant. The objective is to serve as many customers as possible within the time limit. Each car requests a randomly generated order, and the player must serve the correct meal combination to gain points.

The game was developed using Blender for creating all the 3D models, animations as well as programming the game logic using the Blender Game Engine.


W: Move forward 

A/D: Turn left/right

E: Pick up/Drop/Interact/Deliver food to the car

Space: Finish the order (Must be pressed while standing next to the car)

How to play

Serve as many customers as possible before the time runs out. Deliver food to the customer by holding the item and pressing 'E' while standing next to the car. You can keep track of what you have delivered in the left side of the screen. When you are happy with what you have given the car, press space to finish the order and say goodbye to the customer.

- How to make soda: Press 'E' while standing next to the big red button in the lower right part of the room

- How to make burgers: Press 'E' while standing next to the bell in the left part of the room

- How to make fries: Press 'E' to pick up the empty fries basket in the upper right corner. Fill it with unprepared fries by dropping it under the fridge (marked with an arrow). Put the filled basket in the oil to cook the fries. After 5 seconds, they are done and can be moved to the fries bin next to the soda machine. If the fries are not removed from the oil, they will get burnt, and you must empty the basket in the trash can to start over.

Ideas for future improvements

- Bug fix: There is an issue where the points are not calculated correctly, often resulting in a negative score despite delivering the correct order. This can perhaps be fixed by developing the game in Unity and gaining more control over the programming

- Bug fix: When trying to pick up an item out of a group, the group will disappear and only one item is registered as picked up.

- User-friendliness improvements: For instance making it easier for the player to understand how to prepare and deliver the food

- Game play improvements: ie. adding modes of difficulty, infinity mode, levels, upgrade system etc...

Install instructions

  1. Download zip & unzip
  2. Run "183-final.blend.exe"


Simone's Burger Dash exe.zip 205 MB

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